On this platform users will be able to sign up as:


What Freelancers can do ?

Freelancers will have access to an array of jobs ranging from programming work, marketing, software engineering, and MANY more! .


What Employers can do ?

Employers will be able to post categorical jobs at their own will and have a broad spectrum of work-eager freelancers to pick them up.

What makes this platform different than others ?


Trusted blockchain technologies for payments

Codex uses trusted blockchain technology to facilitate payments from employers to freelancers.


Faster and transparent transactions.

Using this technology the transactions are faster, noncounterfeit-able, and transparent on a global scale.


Transactions facilated by block explorers of big trusted blockchains.

The platform will be facilitating these transactions using block explorers of big trusted blockchains such as HTMLCoin.

Additional Features of the platform

Write blogs for us and get CDEX tokens!

The platform has a social media blog where users can make posts and get tipped in CDEX token using Altmask Chrome Extension! This coincides with the codex mission to distribute CDEX in a gifted fashion to developers and freelancers; allowing them to accumulate CDEX for utility matters. By using Altmask, it also eliminates a lot of web-security risk users might find on other dapps by logging.


What can users do with CDEX token?

Users will be able to get discounts on different features on the platform by holding the ‘CDEX’ token. Users will also be able to get discounted VIP status on @CodexWalletBot, which in return will get them dividends from CodexWorkplace. By allowing VIPs to receive dividends, value through utility will Be created for the ‘CDEX’ token. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Codex on Althash and utility through the CDEX token. Future utility of ‘CDEX’ token is a top priority of ours.

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